We are so sorry to announce that we will not be continuing with Kelpie Quarterly Magazine. The web site will close on 30th June 2022 and you will no longer be able to read any copies of the magazine you have purchased. You can still purchase Kelpie Quarterly Online Magazine on the SHOP page of this website on any date until then, but be aware you can only read the issues you have purchased until 30 June 2022.

we’re all about the world’s greatest dog

Australia’s homegrown collie with the unique name, the kelpie, is so much more than ‘just’ the world’s greatest sheepdog. After winning the hearts and minds of Australians through its enormous contribution to the Australian wool industry and latterly, the beef and other livestock industries, the kelpie in its many roles continues to win admirers all around the world.

Highly adaptable, talented, energetic, sweet-natured, and playful, no breed is easier to train or live with. Handsome, conveniently-sized and low-maintenance, the smiley kelpie is the perfect companion for the active, committed owner no matter where they live.

The kelpie is now very much the world’s dog and we think the global kelpie community will be well served by having its own breed-specific magazine.

Kelpie Quarterly Online Magazine has been created to promote the mature appreciation of the Australian kelpie and the working kelpie, to celebrate that diversity, and to highlight the extraordinary activity and achievements of ordinary kelpies and their people all over the world.

Stock work, service work, obedience, dog sports, community relations, or the kelpie’s most important role as the ideal family pet and adventure-loving companion – Kelpie Quarterly covers every facet of the canine world’s greatest all-rounder. And at over 160 pages it is plenty big enough to cover the three months between issues.

In every issue we visit and investigate the kelpie’s remarkable origins and history, and pay respects to the great dogs and handlers worldwide and the landmark moments in kelpie history.

Kelpie Quarterly values the kelpie’s cultural significance in Australia and Australia’s affection for its national dog. We share with the global kelpie community the importance and influence of Australia’s kelpie festivals, working kelpie trials, and the kelpie in Australian film and all art forms.

We recognise the significant worldwide contribution to the kelpie’s growing status and reputation and report on kelpie achievement in every field of endeavour.

Kelpie Quarterly online magazine encourages progressive genetic and other specific health testing initiatives as well as a cooperative approach to breeding practices that will have positive influences on kelpie health the world over.


Kelpie Quarterly is a community-minded production in which kelpies, in image and word, are the focus. Even our advertisements are kelpie-related, simple, and tasteful, and we will never knowingly engage in product placement or run advertorials.

The production of Kelpie Quarterly is full-time work for two people and a venture that is part labour of love and part small business. We are striving to present our readers with an innovative, globally relevant and accessible dog breed publication featuring original, interesting, and entertaining content at a super-affordable price – while remaining financially viable.

We understand that it will take time to build a supportive readership so we have set the goal of achieving financial viability in 12 months/four issues. To encourage healthy subscription support we have decided to cap the price of Kelpie Quarterly at just A$10 per issue for 12 months/the first four issues. The price will increase to A$15 for current and back-issues purchased as of June 1, 2022. This introductory offer is sensational value for a 160 plus page magazine heavy in quality content.