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Our focus is on bringing the kelpie world together and producing a publication that can make a meaningful contribution to the kelpie world. So rather than publish an advertising-dependent magazine – typically with around 50% advertising content we are backing our format and content to build a loyal, supportive readership.

We support worthy kelpie causes by providing free advertising and publicity for kelpie clubs and other kelpie welfare organisations worldwide. We also provide free listings for every kelpie breeder worldwide wanting to get involved.

We believe the readership would expect an appropriate amount of genuinely useful kelpie-specific advertising in the magazine, and from an aesthetic point of view tasteful advertising provides interesting relief between articles. Attracting appropriate advertisers has been a priority.

In our first four issues we are providing free advertising and stud dog listings to those who responded to the offer posted in our Facebook group Kelpie Community Worldwide. We are happy to extend that offer to advertisers who may have missed the first opportunity.

While the advertising percentage in issue 1 is only around 20% demand may see an increase in our advertisers in future issues. In order to maintain a reasonable balance between content and advertising we have decided to cap that ratio at around 30%. First in first served.

There is no obligation for advertisers who have taken advantage of the free offer to commence with paid advertising from issue 5 onwards, though with modest rates per issue and generous advertising space (A$220 double page and A$110 single page and A$16.50 per stud dog listing) we expect our advertisers will remain with us. To ensure ads suit the tone of the magazine most are designed in-house. Design is included in the cost.

If you are interested in taking advantage of advertising free of charge in the first four issues of Kelpie Quarterly please email using the contact form immediately below.

Advertising deadlines are: June issue – May 1. September issue – August 1. December issue – November 1. March issue – February 1.


Every kelpie has at least one great story to tell. The kelpie world is interested in yours. We are always looking for unique stories and are keen to assist kelpie people starting out with kelpies in traditionally non-kelpie regions.

We are very interested in sharing your kelpie story and most happy to help if you are not confident in English or your writing ability. Our relaxed editorial process will ensure your story reads well and is entertaining. Photographs of your kelpies at work, play, sport, or recreation, particularly in scenic locations are essential.


We are always looking for high quality kelpie action photos for Kelpie Quarterly covers and galleries. We can only consider technically precise, unenhanced high-resolution photographs with active kelpies the focus of the composition.

For covers the photo must feature an active kelpie or kelpies. No humans, no other dogs, no leads, no chains, no muzzles, and no other animals, though excellent photos of kelpies working (but not biting) stock will be considered on their merits.

Successful cover kelpies and their photographers will receive detailed acknowledgment on the magazine’s editorial page and photographers with impressive portfolios will be considered for feature photo essays.

Use this form for article and photograph submissions, ads, and general enquiries.

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Sheep and cattle trialling, dog sports, obedience and other disciplines, conformation shows, if it’s a kelpie achievement we want to tell the global kelpie community all about it. Send us a brief description of the achievement and supporting photos from the event and we’ll take care of the rest!

Use this form for sending kelpie results only.

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